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Published February 8, 2024

Data & Metadata

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Data and Metadata

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Cloud computing has gained popularity with advancements in virtualization technology and the deployment of 5G. However, scheduling workload in a heterogeneous multi-cloud environment is a complicated process. Users of cloud services want to ensure that their data is secure and private, especially sensitive or proprietary information. Several research works have been proposed to solve the challenges associated with cloud computing. The proposed Adaptive Priority based scheduling (PBS) focuses on reducing data access completion time and computation expense for task scheduling in cloud computing. PBS assigns tasks depending on its size and selects the minimum cost path for data access. It contains a task register, scheduler, and task execution components for efficient task execution. The proposed system also executes a double signature mechanism for data privacy and security in data storage. This study correlates the perfo}rmance of three algorithms, PBS, (Task Requirement Degree) TRD and (recommended a Risk adaptive Access Control) RADAC, in terms of task execution time and makespan time. The experimental results demonstrate that PBS outperforms TRD and RADAC in both metrics, as the number of tasks increases. PBS has a minimum task execution time and a lower makespan time than the othertwo algorithms


2024-02-08 Reviews
Overview on Data Ingestion and Schema Matching

By Oumaima El Haddadi, Max Chevalier, Bernard Dousset, Ahmad El Allaoui, Anass El Haddadi, Olivier Teste

This overview traced the evolution of data management, transitioning from traditional ETL processes to addressing contemporary challenges in Big Data, with a particular emphasis on data ingestion and schema matching. It explored the classification of data ingestion into batch, real-time, and hybrid processing, underscoring the challenges associated with data quality and heterogeneity. Central to the discussion was the role of schema mapping in data alignment, proving indispensable for linking diverse data sources. Recent advancements, notably the adoption of machine learning techniques, were significantly reshaping the landscape. The paper also addressed current challenges, including the integration of new technologies and the necessity for effective schema matching solutions, highlighting the continuously evolving nature of schema matching in the context of Big Data.

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2024-02-08 Original Scientific Articles

By K.Prathap Kumar, R. Rohini

2024-01-11 Original Scientific Articles

By Luz Castillo-Cordero, Milagros Contreras-Chihuán, Brian Meneses-Claudio

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By Lida Vásquez-Pajuelo, Jhonny Richard Rodriguez-Barboza, Karina Raquel Bartra-Rivero, Edgar Antonio Quintanilla-Alarcón, Wilfredo Vega-Jaime, Eduardo Francisco Chavarri-Joo

2024-02-08 Original Scientific Articles

By Oumaima El Haddadi, Max Chevalier, Bernard Dousset, Ahmad El Allaoui, Anass El Haddadi, Olivier Teste

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