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Technological disinformation: factors and causes of cybernaut identity theft in the digital world

Gilberto Murillo González ,

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German Martínez Prats ,
Verónica Vázquez Vidal ,


The contribution of technology in the development of our daily activities has taken a giant step in the dependence of the citizen-technology-society with the integration of the Internet without glimpsing a border. It is therefore necessary to safeguard personal information if you have an active digital life. The identification of the factors and causes that lead to identity theft is a requirement for the technical and operational literacy of citizens, who are easy victims. This article aims to analyze some aspects of causes and factors of identity theft of citizens of the municipality of the center of the State of Tabasco. A quantitative instrument was designed, applied via Internet to a population of 3,158. The results show that citizens are unaware of several aspects of security in the environment of digital services, which, depending on gender, age and level of education, are captive in some scenario of digital insecurity.

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Murillo González G, Martínez Prats G, Vázquez Vidal V. Technological disinformation: factors and causes of cybernaut identity theft in the digital world. Data and Metadata [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 29 [cited 2024 Apr. 24];3:133. Available from:

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