Digital preservation policy

This journal Data & Metadata develops several processes aimed at ensuring the permanent accessibility of the digital objects it hosts on its own servers:

  • Backup copies of its server and files.
  • Updating of software versions used and foresee possible migrations.
  • Digital preservation metadata.
  • Use of DOI.
  • Self-sufficiency in that it minimizes dependencies on systems, data or documentation.
  • The use of preservation strategies such as data rejuvenation, migration, technology preservation, and digital archeology; with appropriate evaluations to test their effectiveness.

The files published on this website are available in easily reproducible formats (PDF and HTML).

This journal is part of the Public Knowledge Project's Private LOCKSS Network (PKP-PLN), which generates a decentralized archiving system, distributed among collaborating libraries, in order to create permanent archives of the journal for the preservation of the original contents and their restoration if necessary.

The Editorial Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología adheres to the Open Abstracts and Open Citations policy, of which it is a member the editorial.