Academic results during the epidemic period at the Faculty of Medical Sciences Miguel Enríquez




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Introduction: the years 2020 and 2021 were characterized by the COVID-19 epidemic in Cuba, which caused the adaptation of academic courses, with the premise of making the training process more flexible, based on the suspension of face-to-face activities and the modification of the teaching curriculum.
Objective: to describe the state exam results during the epidemic period.
Methods. An observational, descriptive, retrospective study was carried out based on analyzing the promotion reports and the official models 36.19 and 36.20 of the Postgraduate Department, corresponding to 2020-2021.
Results: 173 residents took the state examination, 111 from medical specialties and 62 from stomatological specialties, with promotion of 100%. 49.7% obtained final grades above 95 points and 78.0% above 90 points in the state exam. The residents of the Dermatology and Intensive and Emergency Medicine specialties received the best teaching results.
Conclusions: The Faculty of Medical Sciences "Miguel Enríquez", during the epidemic period, graduated, with quality, all the residents who took the state exam.


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