Application of blockchain technology to 21st century library services: Benefits and best practices




Fourth industrial revolution, blockchain technologies, blockchain, library, services, 21st century


The fourth industrial revolution has paved the way for emerging technologies, and among them, blockchain stands out for its unprecedented ability to create and trade value in library organizations. This research paper explores the potential application of blockchain technologies in 21st-century library services. By conducting a systematic analysis of the literature, this study examines how libraries can harness blockchain to support innovative services and meet global demands. The study suggests that the recent advancements in blockchain have led to a fourth generation of the technology, which possesses disruptive capabilities across diverse fields, including library and information science. The paper proposes that blockchain can enhance library services such as collection development, circulation services, research, data management, and storage. It is important to note that this paper represents the original ideas of the authors and does not rely on copyrighted materials. Furthermore, it highlights that blockchain remains a vast and underexplored area of research, presenting both challenges and opportunities for library professionals seeking to provide diverse library services.


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